LJM photography loves that weddings come in all shapes and sizes, bride and groom, groom and groom, bride and bride, life partner and life partner.   The law may not recognise same-sex marriage but LJM photography recognises and indeed celebrates all weddings and we do so with a unique, candid, some might say vintage, style.

I’ve been a bride, I’ve lived the highs, the stresses, the awesomeness of wedding, I’ve also spent the last few years shooting an interesting and eclectic mix of weddings.  I have insight into what you might be looking for from a photographer.

When looking for a wedding photographer the most obvious and essential factor is loving their work.  Click here to view my work

Do you love the photos? Find them inspiring? Like the colours? Like how it represents the event?

A less obvious factor, when choosing a photographer, is that you need to like them and feel comfortable around them. You are going to spend the majority of your wedding day with your photographer you need to want to spend that time with them, and feel comfortable in front of their camera.

To know more about me, read here HERE.  This is my philosophy for shooting a wedding:

  • It is your day & I am simply there to record this amazing event that you have designed.
  • I will notice the small details, capture the things you won’t have time to take in,the faces of you and your loved ones, the joy and pride and love.
  • It’s not my day, its not about me.
  • I won’t  take over, its not a model shoot. I will stand back and observe, as much as possible capturing the day as it unfolds.
  • I aim to maintain the perfect balance of having fun with the bridal party to standing back photographing the joy and craziness of your unique and personal and never-to-be repeated event.
  • Importantly, the folio I produce for you will be done with a sense of your style and sense of humour.

I love my work; to date the majority of my clients have found me by word of mouth.  I have photographed many happy, honest, fun, people who love to laugh and have chosen me because they don’t want conventional or traditional posed photographs of their wedding.  To be honest, if you are a couple looking for posed shots, with people lined up in neat patterns according to height, or which side of the family they are from its great that you know what you want, but I’m not the photographer for you.

I am a creative, original photographer with an eye for detail. You are looking for photos that aren’t run of the mill, that capture your day and your style. You aren’t planning a traditional wedding, you are a little quirky, maybe a little artsy and probably a bit colourful.  I will work with you to create images that reflect your personalities and creative streak. We will be ace together.

Prices start from $3500.00

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