The process

Let’s make it happen

Step 1

Let’s meet!

If you like what you’ve seen, read and heard, then let’s meet and chat. The first time, we catch up at my studio in a funky old woolshed in Kensington. With a cold beer in hand (or whatever drink floats your boat), we’ll chat about your big day, so I understand your vision and know what’s important to you.

I’ll explain the process and how I work, and show you some more images and albums. You can ask me anything, so that when you leave, all your questions are answered, and you’re already feeling like this could be something really special.

Step 2

A day or three later

Once you decide to book me as your photographer, I’ll prepare a quote that takes into consideration everything we’ve discussed. All the paperwork, including our agreement, is done online. It’s super easy and we’ll save a tree or two…win-win!

Step 3

Three months out

I’ll email you a form to fill in to give me all the details I need to know. As well as confirming the obvious – dates, times, places – it will also give me a really good understanding of who everyone is, what’s important to you, and other necessary specifics.

This is part of me being super organised. Once you give me this info, I’ll be able to get everything sorted. Which means I can be totally present and ready for the action (as well as the beautiful quiet moments) on the big day.

Step 4

Location scout

If I’m not familiar with the location you’ve chosen, we’ll also do a location scout together. We’ll work out where we can take special shots, where I’ll be during the major moments, where the light will create the most fascinating effects…everything to make sure that the day will run smoothly and I capture what’s important to you both.

If you have a vision for the creative shoot, bring it on! I’m up for it. Anywhere that reflects who you are and what you love – I love creating individualized shoots that are original and distinctive. So let’s do it!

Step 5

About a month before the day

We catch up and go over the running sheet I’ve prepared that details when and where I’m going to be with you, your partner and anyone else, and the types of shots I’ll be taking. This is when we finalise all the details and discuss the album process.

Everything is about to become reality – and I’m pumped!

Step 6

The BIG day…. IS HERE!

We’re excited, we’re organised, we’re ready. Let’s have some fun!

For the whole time I’m with you and your family and friends, I work to achieve that perfect balance of letting you have fun and express who you are, and standing back to capture the craziness and love of a never-to-be repeated occasion.

We’re all being hit with the emotion of the day, left, right and centre. It’s glorious, it’s wonderful, it’s overwhelming…and I’m there to capture it all for you.

Step 7

Two to six weeks later

First, I’ll send you a sneak peek of some of your photos 2-3 weeks afterwards – just so you can start getting excited all over again.

Then after another 2 or 3 weeks, I’ll upload your gorgeous images onto an online gallery for you to swoon over and relive your amazing day.

Here’s where you choose your favourite images for your awesome LJM album. Once we know the images you love, I’ll work with my designer to create your album so it tells your story perfectly. (I love shooting, but just quietly, I adoooore this part!)

Step 8


You’re excited, I’m excited, we’re all excited!

Over crackers, cheese and dips, I’ll show you what we’ve created for you. All the months of planning, all the emotions, all the blissful hours spent poring over the memorable images…it’s all culminated in a stunning and distinctive album that’s captured your most beautiful moments to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Many of my clients cry with joy when they see these images of themselves and their families and friends so beautifully curated and compiled. How could I not love what I do?

We loved your personality and your work

You have very down to earth approach, as well as great understanding of how to capture the feel we were looking for. I absolutely loved working with you! You were extremely professional in your work, you made me feel comfortable having my photograph taken (which never happens!!!) and we are very happy with the album you created of our wedding day.



Your style of photography perfectly matched what we were after and how the day was planned and your approach allows the photos to be natural and capture the moment without it feeling scripted and rehearsed.

On a day where stress levels can be super high, you were everywhere capturing everything, but never once intruding on the moment.

– Ben & Greer

Approachable, laid back, and delightful

But also professional, organised, experienced and insightful, and equipped to deal with any situation or variation to the plans. You’re no fuss, relaxed approach really suited us and your demeanour makes you a pleasure to have around. Easy, worry free, relaxed and exactly what we wanted and needed.

– Amy & Bianca

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do destination weddings?

Sure do! Nowhere is off limits. Bring it on!

I’ve shot weddings and Loved Ups all over Australia, and dozens of stunning places around the world from New York City, to Wellington, to France’s countryside.

What if we want shots at multiple locations at the same time?

Not a problem! So you want photos of both of you getting ready on the big day? Or your parents stepping into their limousine? Leave it to me. I’ll organise an associate photographer to be there and work under my direction so we capture every important moment.

How do we choose photos for our album?

This is the really easy part. Once your photos are uploaded to your private online gallery, you just have to select your favourite images (as you do on Facebook) for it to be included in your album. We’ll give you a cut off date, so you can select (and deselect) right up to that date. And then we’ll take it from there. No forms, no fuss…just fun!

What photos do we get?

You get a digital copy of every image we put up on your gallery.

Can we get prints and enlargements and are there other options?

Of course! You can ask me to print any photo at any size, and I’ll print it on archival paper so it will last practically for ever.

What beverages are on offer at these meetings?

I’m partial to a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, red wine or lemon and ginger tea but I’m sure we can find something that tickles your fancy, if these fine options don’t.

What if we want to elope?

Great idea!! I’ll just show up when and where you want me to, and you’ll hardly notice me.

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