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YOUR STORY family portrait sessions.
We capture who you are today.

A Melbourne portrait photographer with a difference

YOUR STORY family portrait session

My ‘your story’ shoots are built to capture & represent who you are today. They’re not blue denim jeans and crisp white t-shirts, leaning against trees with cheesy smiles. I don’t smooth your skin or thin you out making you into something you’re not. These are about capturing the big and little picture or your life right now. ‘Your story’ shoots aren’t just for couples or lovers either, they are designed for every and anyone; from a grandmother in her home with her beloved cat, to a big family living a crazy life day to day.

Your Story session

We’ll do the shoot in a place that means something to you, somewhere you have a connection to and somewhere you feel comfortable.

During the shoot, I generally ease into our meeting each other, making everyone comfy, getting you used to being in front of the camera. I’ll talk to you about your life, your favourite objects in the house to the little stories that make you you, and I’ll utilise these insights to create photos that are special to you.

After a while you might even forget I’m there, a fly on the wall without the annoying buzzing. You have a story to be told and I want to tell it.

YOUR STORY sessions start from 1 hour to a full day.

Let us tell your story!


You capture emotion and spirit in a way that very few photographers can. Working with you was like hanging with an old friend, comfortable, fun and we walked away feeling warm and fuzzy (with wonderful photos!!!)

– Eszter & Michael

An absolute ball

We liked how naturally everything flowed, we really wanted to capture personalities and experiences of the day and you had the ability to be present but not make people feel like they were being photographed.

– Steph & Claire

Passion, integrity, truth, beauty

From the moment we met Lauren we felt completely comfortable and knew we had made the right choice. From her stunning folio to her warm, cheeky personality – there wasn’t a thing we didn’t love about working with Lauren! Her unobtrusive nature, keen attention to detail and uncanny talent for capturing a thousand emotions in a single image is priceless.

– Dani & Chloe


a split-second documentary of you

Our favourite stories

You have a very down to earth approach, as well as great understanding of how to capture the feel we were looking for.

Sam & Paul