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YOUR STORY family portrait sessions.
We capture who you are today.

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YOUR STORY family portrait session


YOUR STORY family portrait sessions are fantastic fun because I get to document the people, places and things you love most

….in your own home.


a place that is special to you *

YOUR STORY  family portrait shoots capture who you are today – the real you.

They’re about that special something that’s quintessentially you, right now. You, your family, in the moment.

You could be whipping up your signature dish…you and your grandma sharing a memory…your family enjoying a adventure in the woods, beach or mountains…you concentrating, absorbed in your creative outlet….your kids in the backyard.…you and your baby holding each other….watching a sunset from your deck.…a quiet moment with your partner….

The only limit is your imagination.

On the day we’ll have a chat and get to know one another.

We want to learn about you in this special environment and what it means to you. We want to hear about the stories that go with it.

We are not a cookie cutter style portrait studio/photographer. Every one of our art pieces are customised to who you are!

Our aim is to create something timeless; it’s not necessarily about today.

It’s about creating pieces of art that you could proudly display on your wall for 5, 10, 20 years down the track… even for your

children’s children to enjoy.

YOUR STORY sessions start from 1 hour to a full day.

Let us tell your story!


*within 30km of Melbourne CBD


You capture emotion and spirit in a way that very few photographers can. Working with you was like hanging with an old friend, comfortable, fun and we walked away feeling warm and fuzzy (with wonderful photos!!!)

– Eszter & Michael

An absolute ball

We liked how naturally everything flowed, we really wanted to capture personalities and experiences of the day and you had the ability to be present but not make people feel like they were being photographed.

– Steph & Claire

Passion, integrity, truth, beauty

From the moment we met Lauren we felt completely comfortable and knew we had made the right choice. From her stunning folio to her warm, cheeky personality – there wasn’t a thing we didn’t love about working with Lauren! Her unobtrusive nature, keen attention to detail and uncanny talent for capturing a thousand emotions in a single image is priceless.

– Dani & Chloe

a split-second documentary of you

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You have a very down to earth approach, as well as great understanding of how to capture the feel we were looking for.

Sam & Paul

loved up portraits

Your Story Portraits

Family is what you make it.

Your Story family portraits capture them.

Love is where it’s at, let’s share it!

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Lauren is not just a photographer, she’s also a lion tamer!

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