Yes, you can have genuine, candid, documentary-style portrait sessions with your beloved pets!

When I was researching “pet photography in Melbourne and Geelong” and exploring how to showcase my work, I found a gap in the market for natural, enjoyable, and relaxed portrait sessions that truly capture the essence of families and their furry companions. What I encountered was a sea of stiff poses, forced smiles, and contrived scenes where the pets felt like an afterthought.

But that’s not my style at all! I’m passionate about telling your story, your family’s story. I firmly believe that family portraits should be taken in places where you feel most comfortable and at ease. Whether it’s playing fetch in your backyard or strolling to your favourite café, my goal is to capture what holds meaning for you and your family today. Because in a decade, I want you to look back at these images and be flooded with memories and emotions from this precious time in your life. Remembering that cozy house, reminiscing about that beloved park, or simply cherishing the adorable moments with your pets.

Pet photography doesn’t have to be awkward or contrived. Here at LJM, we embrace all types of families and dynamics. No matter what makes your family unique, if it’s important to you, then it’s important to me. Let’s work together to document your story authentically and beautifully!

“Lauren was an absolute pleasure to work with. She captured the essence of our event perfectly and her work is nothing short of art. We couldn’t be happier with our photos. They are so candid and natural, perfectly framed and beautifully vivid. It is too difficult to choose a favourite from the album, they are all that good! Thank you for such an amazing experience Loz!”