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Melbourne Wedding Photography

I love that weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Bride and groom, groom and groom, bride and bride, life partner and life partner. Love is love and we celebrate all weddings and do so in a unique, candid, and some might say vintage style of photography. Having been a bride myself I get the highs and lows, the stress and the awesomeness of the event. So I’ll use my experience of shooting an eclectic mix of weddings over the last few years to help make your day truly special.

Throughout the whole process – from the first time we chat through to handing over your album – we’re organised, totally excited for you, understand what you want from your Melbourne wedding photography and wedding memories, and give you our best.


It’s your day

We’re simply there to record the amazing event you’ve created as it unfolds.

Of course, there are all the moments that we know ahead of time absolutely have to be captured (and will be).

But we want your memories of the day to include moments you won’t have time to take in, and some you might not even notice. We have a knack for finding behind-the-scene stories most people don’t even think about, let alone capture.

A look someone gives you from afar, an unexpected teardrop being wiped away. These are the wedding photos that stand out, proclaiming your personality and your special relationships. This is the wedding photography that draws people together, while each person remembers and celebrates their own take on that moment and your day. 

Together, we’ll plan and produce wedding photography and wedding memories that reveal your individuality, your style, and your love.

Bloody fabulous

Your laid back ‘keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll just snap away’ approach was the most important thing for us. It was our day and we didn’t want to be told ‘now just sit on the bed and give me your best Farrah Fawcett wind swept dramatic pose’. The way that you make any environment just ‘work’ – nothing is too hard or too unachievable or too unrealistic…it all just happens, falls into place with any hassle or fuss.

– Carmel & Joe

Friendly, fun, organised

You made it personal and fun all the way through. You were organised and gave us good tips that made a big difference to the day which we otherwise would not have known or thought about. I think the rapport we had was crucial to getting the candid shots we did.

– Sarah & Joe

You were amazing!

Because of your contagious, happy and excited energy and because you were the only photographer who genuinely took an interest in us, our relationship and the things most important to us.

You were so thorough, organised, professional but totally relaxed and helped put us and our guests at ease. You felt like part of the family! You helped captured the happiest day of our lives more beautifully than we could have ever imagined.

– Renee & Steve

Thanks for being amazing

Nessa and I really love what you have done and the direction you have taken artistically. We knew you would bring out the goods. I hope you know how much we appreciate your attention to detail and professional delivery, I am so glad we chose you to capture the day.

– Bridie & Ness


real, candid, documentary photography

Our favourite wedding stories

You capture emotion and spirit in a way that very few photographers can”

– Eszter & Michael