I received a call last month from these girls inquiring if I could shoot their celebration. Being peak wedding season I was already booked. We continued to chat for over 30mins and I remember Bec  (one of them) trying to work out a way that I could do both… “So what time does the other one finish?” I was spewin’, but there was no chance.. The more I got to hear about their story, the more I wanted to capture their journey in a ‘Loved-up’ session. I dont recall who suggested it, whatever way I was stoked they were up for the challenge.

When I arrived at their renovated home (which looks brilliant may i say), I was greeted with Bec’s smiling face welcoming me into their home. Before long I was shown all the little things that most people wouldnt even notice… They are the things that I love to see, they are the things that tell you so much about a couple/person without them even realising it. THIS, is the part I love about these shoots.

The more I do ‘Loved-up’ shoots in particular, the more I get inspired and love my job. I have met the most unreal people of late, these girls are no exception… Full of life, love and really freakin funny. I probably could have stayed there and photographed their banter and dynamic all night.I left with sore cheeks from giggling and extremely buzzed for I knew I’d captured something amazing with these girls.Here is what the girls wrote

“For us, our commitment to each other is made everyday in our daily decisions and that is way more important to us than any single event like a wedding, which is why we don’t really love the idea of calling our event a wedding, in the traditional sense. We felt like your loved up project captures that everyday commitment and seemed more representative of us.

We were having a special dinner with our family and friends to celebrate our commitment to each other and Bec’s family wanted photos to remember the day.  Since we have not had positive experiences with event photography, which always felt a bit artificial, we weren’t too keen on the idea, but then we searched around for an LGBT photographer and discovered your documentary work.  You couldn’t shoot the event, but we liked your work so much that we decided to do a loved up shoot instead. We are both people who don’t like formal portrait photography and we thought that meant we could never have professional photos taken, but as a couple, we really wanted to have some photos that represented us.  We loved the way you captured the authenticity of the couples and families.

If you could have done the day, we would probably have just gotten that, but since you couldn’t, we didn’t want to miss out.

Basically you are hella good and Bec likes to have the best ;-)”


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