When Frankie Mag contact you to do a 12 page spread, you react accordingly….

In mid June,  I received a call from Jo @ ‘frankie magazine’ asking to do a 12 page spread featuring three of my “Loved-up” couple shoots.

Frankie magazine is one of Australia funkiest mags, so to say I didn’t squeal with delight and do a little happy dance would be a lie.

When I opened my copy of FRANKIE Issue 55 and saw my photography beautifully designed on their gorgeous paper, I was blown away. It was definitely a highlight of my year!

To have such amazing words written by the awesome team was an added bonus….

“The creative lass has an eye for capturing those special moments of human-to-human interaction”

For more, check out Frankie Magazine, Lauren J Marshall . Although better in paper form, here’s the feature of my photography work…. ENJOY!

Editor’s note: Frankie Mag wanted to feature these couples during a time when marriage equality was up for debate in Australia….again! That was 2013. It is now 2017 (at time of writing) and the “debate” has been brought forth yet again. Hopefully we’ll have a better outcome than last time.


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