How does one choose a “Best of slideshow 2012-2014”? Not easily, that’s for sure!….

Early last year one of my teachers from NMIT, the course I graduated from in 2008, asked me to be one of their “industry speakers”. This entails standing in front of 30-40 wide eyed 1st & 2nd year students and talking about yourself.

The thought of this made me want to run, FAST. ASAP. “Thank-you, but no, not at this stage” and no amount of encouragement would get me up there.

I have never been one for public speaking. Don’t get me wrong, I am a reasonably confident person. But the thought of all those eyes staring at me, wanting me to provide them with guidance…. ‘Arrrr, I’m not ready!’
**curls up into the foetal position, chanting BREATHE, BREATHE LAUREN, BREATHE**

This year my teacher changed tactic and had another teacher ask as well. After much thought, a little bit of encouragement and maybe a little bit of weakness, I said “Yes.” She replied, “Excellent, you will be our last talk for the semester, on May 30th” This was in January…. Since then, I started to become accustomed to the thin layer of sweat, accompanied by a pounding heart every time I thought about it.

‘You can do this….. I think…. I hope…. NO, I CAN do this!’

Two weeks prior to the talk, I set a daily alarm instructing me to ‘Do NMIT Best of Slideshow 2012-2014’. This haunted me at 9am and 11am until day 5…. ” I cant take it anymore…. RIGHT, lets do this.”

It was pretty amazing going through my past 2 or so years of work. Scrolling through hundreds of different jobs, picking out all my favourite moments. I went from scared, to self doubt, to “Oh #$%^!”….. into, “Man, I have some good sh!t here… Geez, i’ve done a lot and come far!”

So by the time May 30th rolls around, I was still packing bricks and still wanted to run, however I knew I had to do this… I knew this experience was going to make me grow and I’d be better for it.

So how did I go?

In the end, I think it went well?! I certainly didn’t appeal to everyone, but even if one thing made one student think differently or sparked a fresh thought then I had done my job. They asked me questions, I answered them as honest and as best as I could. I survived. I’m not sure I would run out and do it again anytime soon or become a teacher (like my teacher was suggesting I look into), but I conquered something huge that day and for that I am pretty stoked.

I am also pretty impressed with how my slideshow turned out (just quietly)… Accompanied to one of my favourite songs – The Preatures ‘Is this how you feel’ – Buy it on itunes

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big fat, MASSIVE THANK YOU to every one of you that have supported me and have asked me to capture your brilliant moments. Without your trust and support I would not have been able to have come this far – THANK YOU!!!

So, this is my past two years… I hope you like!
**As much as i would have loved to have added a bunch of other amazing shoots and moments…. Its not that I don’t love you or them, but the song only goes for 3.36min :)**

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