How do you choose your best wedding images 2016?

How do you sum up 365 days in one blog post?

After all, it’s been one of my most exciting years. I’ve found it tremendously difficult narrowing down my favourites.

Do I include the amazing cities, adorable grandmothers or rock-n-roll brides? Maybe I should include the thick-skinned parents bursting with pride or guests carving up the dance floor? I definitely need to include the groomsmen who were only too happy to show me what was under their kilts.

I’ll just have to include them all!

Sorting through my best wedding images 2016 has been like travelling back in time. From Paris to Wellington, and remote farms in Australia, I was reliving all of the wonderful memories I had captured in my “best wedding images 2016”. A sweet reminder of how much I love my job and how lucky I am to be preserving these moments in time.

I am so grateful to all of my couples who trusted me to document their beautiful and unique weddings. I sincerely hope that they enjoyed their days and, if in any way at all, I made it a little extra special. So here we are, some of my favourite moments….the best wedding images 2016. Please enjoy!

emotive image of a mother pensive, staring out window Bride getting ready B&w photo of Bride getting ready Two little girls helping Bride getting ready Beautiful portrait of Bride getting ready Emotive picture of parents seeing their daughter dressed up Happy bride! A nan trying to work out her camera Emotive images of parentsFunny sequence of mother reacting to looking at her daughterHappy bridal party Groom writing a letter to his future wife Detail shot of rings and guitar Twin brothers in their jocks Details picture of coffee and tea Groom getting ready with the help of his dog Groomsmen on a bed being silly perfectly positioned antlers Kid giving thumbs up Bride and her dog bridesmaid Portrait of a bride Sequence of a happy bride Bride about to get out of the car Bride getting ready Emotive moment between mother and daughter Detail shot of people in a doorway Groomsman walking to ceremony Roof of a church Groom waiving to bride as she walks towards him Father and bride walking up aisle Groom crying Two brides in love, embracing Bride crying Bride and groom in Flare Happy couple kissing Cute flower girl Nan blowing a kiss Two brides in love The first kiss married Hidden first kiss Emotional bridal party Detailed shot of handsHappy bride and nan Hands and cuddles Bride and groom embracing Blowing bubbles and bride and groom Sun flare urban city shot Shot of shop front in france Streets of Paris Lesbian brides in beautiful landscape at boomrock, Best wedding images 2016 Stunning bride in gorgeous light Two brides looking out, taking a moment Bride and groom kissing Couple on rocks at Wye river Sequence of a horse and bride holding flowers Handsome groom in nice light Best wedding Quirky shot of groomsmen, images 2016 Quirky shot of bridesmaids at montsalvat Bridal people having fun Bride looking hot Grooms back, bride smile at you Dog with a curious face High fives all roundBride with a shadow of groom in background Sequence - couple hugging in Melbourne and a child waiting in a doorway Sunny day for the guests Child having fun Bride playing a violin Groomsmen with fun socks High kicks and socks Headless shot of groomsmen in their jocks and bowties Bridal party 'band shot' Bride & Groom in wheat at Riverstone Man drive a boat, having funBest wedding images 2016, Urban shot of couple in Melbourne Cool creative session Kids not cooperating Sea Landscape and a family Aerial view of boomrock Bride in archway at montsalvat Bridal party being random Bridal party at the museum with shutter drag Lesbian couple looking out at boomrock Happy couple Couple about to eat a burger Man playing instrument and couple having fun Bridal party at werribee mansion Photo booth time Lesbian couple in shooting range Quirky moment of groom saying his speech Happy bridal party Couple walking in france Couple having a little moment Couple walking along the beach Kid hand holding her mums foot Man crying, hugging bride Bridal party having fun Couple, deer at Gum Gully Happy couple at Werribee mansion Abstract shot of couple at Melbourne Musuem Couple having a moment in Yarra Valley Landscape shot Boomrock, NZ Street scape, Paris France Lights, details at Gum gully Melbourne city at dusk Lady partying it up Group zombie dance Dancefloor photo couple Dancefloor photo bride and grooms first dance Wedding Garden house at night

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