Proud to say this same sex wedding Yarra Valley was featured on the funky wedding magazine HELLO MAY! check it out here HELLO MAY

I started to write a heart felt intro (for this wedding was very dear to me in so many ways). However, everything I wrote just didn’t cut it! So I am going to let their amazing words and the images tell the story of their FANTASTIC day!!!!

“Chloe and I met 3 years ago at a picnic. Our initial conversation was sparked over a bottle of wine from a Yarra Valley vineyard that I’d visited the weekend before. Given this chance meeting, we felt that an appropriate tribute was to have a picnic themed wedding in the Yarra Valley”.

About their day….

“We both have a love of all things vintage. It inspired our theme from the decor to our gowns (which neither of us saw until our ceremony!).

We really wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere with our nearest and dearest without too much formality. A ‘picnicesque’ menu full of finger-friendly foods was selected. We had a games area set up with bocce and croquet. And we danced to our favourite classic and old school tunes (think Louis Armstrong, Tina Turner and Chubby Checkers). Of course we ensured a vast selection of wines for almost every palette was available.

Our ceremony was held in the quaint little garden of our favourite B&B, the Valley Guest House. It was simple and intimate and clearly our favourite part. Neither of us could stop smiling (even when we were crying). It was beautiful to share this moment with a small circle of precious people. Many of whom had played a significant role in the lead up to our serendipitous meeting. So much can go array in the planning of a wedding (and many things did!) but our ceremony was completely perfect and the best gift we could have asked for”.

Some words about me….

“We contacted Lauren (amongst a host of other prospective photographers) after my friend Celia recommended her following her own wedding. Within minutes of our initial meeting, Chloe and I both gave each other that ‘look’. When we both know we’re on EXACTLY the same page; we had found our photographer.

Lauren’s ability to tell a story through her breathtaking images is surpassed only by her warm and cheeky nature. She makes you completely forget about the camera and just allows you to be lost in the moment. Lauren has done a spectacular job of capturing not only the beauty of this day but most importantly, the spectrum of emotions that comes with taking such a significant step in one’s life journey. Her integrity as an artist and playful, easy nature made the day so much more enjoyable. Looking back on these images only confirms that we selected the right lady for the job. Thank you Lauren!!”