Corporate photography with a difference….

Documenting companies with a twist. Head shots are necessary (and will be discussed further in a future post) but I love getting behind the scenes of corporations and small businesses and documenting what makes them tick.

Documentary photography is my jam (or rather, Vegemite). I absolutely LOVE it! And I’ve found that companies love it too.

Introducing YOUR STORY! An edition for you at WORK, and one for you at PLAY : )


  • Is a great way to help organisations/businesses tell the story of their people. That documents behind the scenes.
  • It allows potential clients and the public to better understand your business and how you work.
  • It’s REAL. Let’s face it, stock images never resonate.
  • It’s UNIQUE. Showcasing your business in an honest, natural and documentary style way will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

Here are a couple of examples of businesses we’ve recently worked with….

And I’d love to capture more. So if you are a business in need of a revamp or purely want to document YOUR STORY, let’s CHAT!