Have you ever wondered what kind of music to listen to whilst working? Then you’ve come to the right place!….



Music has always played an important role in The Wifey’s life.

Before we became a couple The Wifey would make me mixed CD’s. Some were for special occasions (Happy Birthday!), others “Just ‘cos”. Either way, she always put a date on them and gave them a random title.

She was introducing me to her musical world. Songs and albums that meant something to her at specific times in her life. Or songs that she was enjoying at the present. It should have been my first clue that she really, really liked me ; ) After we became a couple the CDs continued. I still have many of them in my car.

The Wifey also loves making playlists. Playlists for when we travel, our engagement party and even playlists for our wedding; Pre-ceremony, Ceremony, Post ceremony, Reception, Dance. She even made playlists for when we went into labour with our son; Birth Mix-Cruisy, Birth Mix-Happy. I was in labour for so long that the “Cruisy” playlist was played 3 times. I don’t remember any of it but it helped The Wifey immensely.

The Cruisy playlist was also played in our son’s room at night to help him sleep. Even now he’ll stop and listen if he hears one of the songs.

We also play music whilst we clean the house and eat dinner and you can imagine her pure joy at discovering Spotify.

She listens to music whilst she culls and edits her images. And asks clients for their favourite songs so she can add them to album reveals.

As you can see, music is very important here at LJM Photography. So I thought I’d share her faves. Another way of getting to know a little bit more about my favourite person and her photography process.

So let’s start with her current favourite. A song that is actually 11 years old….”To Build A Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra.

I’m hoping to upload a new song on facebook every week/fortnight. So, if you haven’t seen her page, you can check it out HERE.