These guys thought of everything!

Post ceremony popcorn, Mason Jar refreshments, handmade adventure games and even customised cufflinks. Such a happy, relaxed and fun wedding at Tram Trak Zonzos!

We had a ball capturing all those little moments let alone the brilliant bridal party – WIN!

But enough from me, here are some words from Nic and Torie….

The ceremony:

We both love nature and are self-confessed greenies, so the minute we walked down the covered archway at Alowyn Gardens we knew that was where we wanted to get married. Choosing to have our garden wedding in April meant placing our fate into Mother Nature’s hands. It rained, nay, poured, the entire week leading up to the wedding, but the day turned out to be perfect, with the sun coming out as Torie walked down the aisle.

Torie and I wanted our wedding to be a true reflection of who we were so we added as many personal touches as we could to the ceremony and reception. We both love board games and puzzles so we included a cross word in our ceremony booklet and a treasure hunt around the gardens. Guests snacked on popcorn and cocktails jars as we had our photos taken after the ceremony before being transported by bus to the reception nearby.

The reception….

When we got engaged we both agreed we didn’t want a traditional wedding venue; we wanted shared platters of delicious food, lots of good wine and a casual approach to the reception where our guests could dance the night away. Zonzo was the perfect venue for this and could not be faulted. We did most of the decorating ourselves; we made the candles, (Torie’s Aunty and Mum did the floral arrangements and Nic’s brother painted the fingerprint tree). Steering away from a traditional wedding cake, we treated guests to mini Italian desserts like Tiramisu and strawberry and Nutella Calzone. And we also decided to finish the night off with a cheese wheel tower, served up on platters.

Our wedding day was better than what we had planned. We both felt relaxed during the day and had a blast during the reception. Guests commented that our wedding was “the most loved-up wedding” they’d ever been to and couldn’t stop raving about how personal the day was.

Can we do it again?

Here is one of my favourite Ye olde testimonial ever!….

There are 3 Laurens and they’re all bloody fantastic:

Lauren the businesswoman is professional and organised and gives you the peace of mind that your day is going to run smoothly because she has it under control. Her contact is timely, not constant. She listens to your dream and makes it a reality.

Lauren the photographer is a ninja. Your big day arrives and you’re busy with having the best day of your life; you don’t even see her but when the photos appear she has captured every moment: from candid reactions, to tiny decorations, to the big “I do”. Her photos tell the whole story and being her subject is nothing but fun.

Lauren the person is your best mate. Even the first meeting was like popping into an old friend’s place for a beer and a chat. She is funny and kind and isn’t afraid to tell you when your hair looks shit. If you want a photographer as well as a friend then look no further.

– Nic and Torie

Here is how I saw there day….

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