Wedded Bliss during COVID 19
Nicole and I had finally set a date for our wedding, April 8th 2020 at Quat Quatta in Elsternwick. A month out from the wedding I started getting nervous that we could lose our option to go to Bali for our honeymoon. Then as the date drew closer, we lost our reception for 80 of our closest family and friends. We were shattered at the thought we couldn’t get married as planned, but we realised our hearts were set on our date and we didn’t want to wait another year. Through talking with our celebrant, she helped us to realise the real meaning behind getting married. Is it about the big wedding with all the bells and whistles or about actually being married to each other?
As the COVID restrictions were still coming hard and fast, we had hope we could run the ceremony on the premises of Quat Quatta with just family. The venue was forced to close, so our next move was to hold our ceremony in our suite at Crown Towers for 5 people! That option didn’t work out, so we finally found a spot on Southbank next to Polly woodside, that we loved! Once we saw a ‘Corona’ beer sign, we knew it was the perfect place! Finding an option that ticked all the boxes in relation to the government restrictions wasn’t easy, we stuck with our party of 5 and still maintained social distancing. While it wasn’t our first choice of getting married, we made it work and absolutely loved it! It just adds to the story of our relationship and one we will never forget!! We are planning on having the ceremony and reception complete with original honeymoon for our first year anniversary. So, in the end, we get the best of both worlds!! Happily ever after!

This is how I saw their day – ENJOY!

Some of my favourite moments –

  • Champagne at preceremony

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