I love documenting family portraits, especially my own family.

My niece turned 6 the other day.

It is just scary how much she has grown and how fast life is running by. I remember being there less than an hour after she was born and shoving my camera in her little face, quickly documenting the first extended addition to our family.6 years later, she is becoming the most adorable, sweet, funny, gentle little human ever- I am so proud of her. So this is a wee series for her… Happy Birthday my awesome niece!

This is how I saw her dinner – Enjoy!

Family Portraits_Birthday_Documanetary_LJM Photography_001Family Portraits_Birthday_Documanetary_LJM Photography_002Family Portraits_Birthday_Documanetary_LJM Photography_003Family Portraits_Birthday_Documanetary_LJM Photography_005Family Portraits_Birthday_Documanetary_LJM Photography_006 Family Portraits_Birthday_Documanetary_LJM Photography_007Family Portraits_Birthday_Documanetary_LJM Photography_008Family Portraits_Birthday_Documanetary_LJM Photography_010

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