When your friend sends you this behind the scenes video of you and your son, you realise how important capturing moments like these truly are….

Behind The Scenes – When Family Meets Work

In July I had the absolute pleasure of documenting my wife’s cousin’s wedding in Brooklyn, New York.

Not only did I get to capture an awesome couple in one of my favourite cities in the world, but I got to spend the day with my wife and son. In-between capturing the day, our little man would join me for kisses and cuddles, ask what I was doing or just sit quietly beside me observing everything around him (as he tends to do). When it was time to put down my professional hat and let my short hair loose, it was really nice being able to party on with my family.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago where my beautiful friend @ryan_lee_adams sent me this little video. Needless to say our hearts melted into a pile of emotional goo.

It was so cool (and weird) seeing myself on film. I’ve always known how important documenting the intimate and in-between moments are and this beautiful keepsake is the perfect example….Seeing myself focusing on the job yet instinctually embracing my son when I felt him near.



This is why I believe documenting such events is so IMPORTANT. Thanks again, Ryan, for being such a beautiful soul who is so good at what you do…. and an incredible male role model for our son who adores you xx.

A videographer sets up his camera whilst an adorable toddlers watches on