There were winners all round at this gorgeous Redwood forest wedding in Santa Cruz, California….

Last year our pathetic excuse for a government believed that the Australian people should vote for marriage equality (Instead of doing the job themselves). A $122 million tax-payer funded, non-binding, non compulsory postal survey. “Should same sex couples be allowed to marry?”

The “debate” was ugly and brought out the worst in people. I couldn’t help but fear that the YES vote would fail. Instead of dwelling on the negative, I decided to give back to the LGBTQI+ community. So I launched a wedding competition. To celebrate that LOVE IS LOVE and it does not discriminate.

There were many entries. But one adorable couple stood out amongst the rest….Emelie and Anna.

Emelie’s retelling of how they met is one fit for Hollywood. A Swede helping a lost American find relatives in her native country. Travelling together and falling in love along the way.

Their hopes for their wedding day were simple. An intimate wedding with close friends and family amongst California’s famous Redwoods.

Fast forward nearly a year and we were meeting face to face for the first time….on the other side of the world. Their smiles and excitement carried through to their special day.

Held at Felton Guild, there were many highlights….

  • A beautiful creative session in the local national park (Look out for the incredible pockets of light)
  • The heart eyes these two lovebirds had for each other all day
  • Anna’s close friend conducting the ceremony
  • Emotional speeches
  • The Shoe Game and Emelie’s great reactions throughout it

Here is how I saw there day…. ENJOY!!

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