They are behind you.
You can hear their footsteps approaching but you don’t dare turn around.
That would ruin the surprise.
The anticipation is intense, the urge to turn so strong.
Your heart thumps so fast you’re convinced it’s going to break free of your ribcage.
Your stomach flips, visions of 1000’s of butterflies performing somersaults.
It’s not a bad feeling. In fact it’s the opposite.
You’re happy and excited. A smile permanently etched on your face.
They’re close now.
So close that you can feel their breath on your neck. It sends shivers down your spine and goosebumps across your flesh.
The heat of their body warms your back as their soul has warmed your heart.
It’s time to turn around.
To see the person whom you’re about to marry.

You turn.


MASSIVE Thank you to IG @ryan_lee_adams for putting together this collection of images into this awesome slideshow.

Song credit:  Graham Colton – Skies

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