LJM is a visual storyteller….

In 2014 I was asked by my former tafe, NMIT (now Melbourne Polytechnic), to do an “industry speaker” talk.

Initially hesitant, I finally agreed and had a surprisingly positive experience.

Which is why, when asked again a few weeks ago, I accepted with a bit more confidence. I’m actually not a fan of public speaking. But I do believe in pushing myself. Stepping out of my comfort zone. I believe it’s part of the reason for my success.

Just like last time, I spoke about my photography journey. How I tackle this competitive industry in my own way and what I’m passionate about.

I showed my slideshow, answered questions and if I inspired one student then I did my job : )

Shout out to my good mate, and awesome videographer, Ryan Adams for helping me assemble this slideshow. Music by IMAGINARY FUTURE

Click HERE if you’d like to see my first “industry speaker” slideshow!