I love that weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Bride and groom, groom and groom, bride and bride, life partner and life partner. The law may not recognise same-sex marriage, but I do and indeed celebrate all weddings and do so in a unique, candid, and some might say vintage style of photography. Having been a bride myself I get the highs and lows, the stress and the awesomeness of the event. I’ll use my experience of shooting an eclectic mix of weddings over the last few years to help make your day truly special.

Loved up

My loved up shoots are built to capture & represent who you are today. They are not blue denim jeans and crisp white t-shirts, leaning against trees with cheesy smiles. I don’t smooth your skin or thin you out making you into something you’re not. These are about capturing the big and little picture or your life right now.

Loved up shoots aren’t just for couples or lovers either, they are designed for every and anyone; from a grandmother in her home with her beloved cat, to a big family living a crazy life day to day.

Eszter & Michael Destination wedding in New York City

A barber shops ‘clean, close shave’, a roof top apartment, Central park, Brooklyn Bridge to the utter genuine excitement these two had about the fact they were about to marry their best friend. Oh man, this wedding show cases how awesome a wedding can be.


The Ferg family Loved-up

The follow up… I documented this adorable little family in a ‘Loved-up shoot’ over a year ago (you can see their story HERE). Fortunately, they invited me back to document a typical morning in the ‘Ferg’ household. I arrived at 6.30am just in time for the morning snuggle with both bubbas. Owen wasn’t sold on me

Whit and Sharon, New Zealand and Melbourne Wedding

Hands down, this would have to be one of my top five weddings. Big call I know, but this day had everything awesome you would want as a photographer…. and as a guest, it really was the perfect day. When it comes to getting married, these amazing ladies knew that they had to travel to

Montana and Mitch, Home Wedding

What do you get when you blend a bunch of super fun loving people, some sun, a food truck and details galore in the backyard of a country home? A bloody ripper of a wedding day, that’s what! Here is how we saw your perfect day in country Melbourne….. ENJOY!

Best moments of 2015

WHAT A FRICKEN YEAR! 2015 has been one of the biggest years of my life…. Not just business wise but personally as well. I have met so many brilliant personalities and captured so many stories. I’ve had an absolute blast reflecting on it all. Whether it be a portrait session,a loved up shoot, a wedding or a

Meg & Nick’s urban Fitzroy Wedding

They met playing duck hunter in a bar in Fitzroy… A sentence I have never said before ; ) Many moons later, they are getting hitched on a perfect Spring day in gorgeous Melbourne. When we were discussing “what was important to them when it came to photography” they said they would love to go where they first

Tory & Beau home-grown vintage farm wedding

This was the type of wedding I’d love to be a guest at! One of the happiest couples I have ever captured. Not even the ceremony’s 200km wind (well, felt it like) took the smile off their faces. Words from Tory about the day The location- “My parents property, where we got married, has seen a

Laura & Dave Loved-Up

Meet one of my beautiful friends Laura, a very talented photographer in her own right, and her equally talented musician husband, Dave. These two awesome people are leaving the lives they have made in Melbourne to venture their way to the other side of the world to Laura’s hometown (and one of my most favourite

Lydia & Michael Campbell Point house

Everything was just perfect, the weather, the dress, the place, the laughs, the girls, the boys, the randomness, the fun, the music, the words, the love…… All just perfect! Thank you so much for choosing me to document your beautiful and awesome day. Here are some of my favourite moments from your big day, all

Best moments of 2014

To all of my 2014 clients who have supported me and allowed me to document their most special moments – THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Words are not enough to express how grateful I am to all of you. So I thought I would put together this little tribute… just for you. Here are some special

Steph & Claire’s stunning Werribee mansion wedding

We wanted the vibe of our wedding to be relaxed, but a reflection of both of us, a mix of bold floral colours with vintage and DIY touches. A few weeks out from the wedding we found out that all of the special people we had hired to be a part of our day, photographer,